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(I Hate You)

[07 Jul 2005|07:55pm]

My fucking sister!
i hate her sooo much. she has to stir shit whenever she can! I hate her. She is 5 years younger than me and that is so crappy! because she ALWAYS gets her own way! she steals stuff from mu room and then denys it and my mum like awww dont shout at your sister she younger than you! Ohhhh Fuck You!!
I hate her!!

(I Hate You)

[07 Jun 2005|04:17pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

for all of those who don't know who/what I'm talking about a bit of background:
Ryan G. and I dated back in Sept. - of this year - and then broke up 3 weeks later cuz his manipulative of a bitch ex-fiance/girlfriend Nikki called me on a friday night and said 'Ryan is going to break up with you' and i wasn't gonna arrgue with her cuz she's such a fucking bitch so we broke up. Well.....I hadn't talked to Ryan since then until about a month or two ago and so we've just been talking casual and shit. Well I invited him to come to prom with me, just as friends cuz both of us KNEW Nikki would NEVER talk him to prom and he wanted to go. Well the week of prom came around and I called him to make sure he hadn't forgot and that all was good. He said yea he was still going with me and then we hung up cuz I had to go to work. The next day I called him back and double checked about prom well this time he told me that he couldn't come to prom cuz his mom was making him go to his grandma's for her birthday. Well needles to say I believed him for a little while, cuz I thought I could trust him, but after a few hours I realized that there was NO FUCKING WAY that he acctually had to go to his grandmas. But being nice I just let it go and when I called him the week after prom he told me that he DID have a suit, but no money to get into the dance so he told me a lie and that he felt really bad about it. So as school was coming to an end I invited him to my graduation party. Last week I found out that he was leaving on the 13th for basic for the Mariens and I asked him if he was still coming to my grad. party and he PROMISED me he would be there. And that he would come to Amy M's grad party on the 5th and then we could drive together to Mandi's party [Ryan has been friends with both long before we even met]. The day before my grad. party I was having doubts that he would even show up, since he let me down for prom why should this be any different...right; but I still trusted him enough to come. My grad. party came and went....no Ryan. I had heard from another friend that he was at another party and would be at a drinking one later, so my sister, a friend and I all went to this party [we left to go to 3 of my other friends parties too] and like we expected he was there. Originaly when I saw him I was going to kick him in the balls for lieing to me AGAIN, but when I saw him he said 'We couldn't find your party' I knew he was lieing right away, but I figured I would give him one last lie, since he was leaving in a week and all. He asked if we were still on for the next day for Amy and Mandi's parties and we deciced to meet at Amy's around 4:30. Needless to say I had high hopes that he would show, afterall Amy and Mandi were 2 of his longest friends and I figured he wouldn't let them down. Next day.....4:30 came and went finaly around 6:00 we decided that he wasn't coming and to leave and go to Mandi's party. When we got back he wasn't there. I officially decided that it was over, and that I wasn't going to put up with anymore of his BS. He didn't just break his promises to me but to Amy and Mandi too, cuz he promised he would be there for them too. I just can't stand it when people make a promise to more than one person, multiple times and NEVER follow through with it. Ya know if you can't follow through with your promise....THEN DON'T MAKE ONE! I know people can't always know if they can or can't do something but then you DON'T promise. It's as simple as that.
So now I'm tring to decide if I should show up at his going away party or if I should just blow him off like he did to me. After all he wasn't there for me ANY of the times I needed/wanted him so why should I be there for him.
oooOOO and before I finish ranting. Guess who was in the library [where i work] this morning and COMPLETELY IGNORED ME. He was at the phone and I was directly behind him shelving the Juvi movies, and I know for a fact he saw me cuz it was bluntly odvious that he saw me and was tring NOT to turn around and see me.
So what the fuck it his problem. Acctually I don't care anymore, I'm sick of his and Nikki's BS and I don't want to deal with it. I'm glad he's leaving. I promise the next time I see/talk to him I WILL TELL HIM OFF and I WILL MAKE SURE HE KNOWS IT. Cuz I'm not going to waist my time playing games with some jerk who says ooo I miss you, ooo I want to see you and then when he has the chance to completely blows me off.
I refuse to play the game with him. It's not fucking worth it.
Thank you for reading my bitch fest.

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hi [09 Sep 2004|01:00pm]

[ mood | scared ]

omg i hate you all at school. i hate everyone in my shop! i hate the doctors who gave me medication! i hate the pills! i hate my anxiety! i hate myself! I hate how im starving myself! i hate everyone and everything. I hate being depressed! grrrr

(I Hate You)

new [24 Aug 2004|09:15pm]

[ mood | confused ]

hi... really good community. first off i really hate ppl who stare at me cuz of the why i dress, yes i dress all black but that is no reason to stare at me! and another thing i hate lookin in the mirror i just wanna break it sumtimes! grrr! and i hate girls who think there everything and think they have everything! i hate me!!!! well that felt good to get out... bye

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Fuck humanity [07 Aug 2004|09:48pm]

[ mood | pissed the fuck off ]

Ack! Fuck! Ack! Fuck!

1) I hate this girl at my school named Lina. She is such a fucking bitch. Shes always pushing me and trying to fight me. I just wanna fucking break her. Shes such a fucking poser. She wears all black and is like, "Im soo goth! OoH! Im a Devil worshiper! Im going to kill you." I want her to fucking die. She couldnt hurt anything. She thinks she is so cool and goth. But she is a train-wreck. Death is the only way for her.

2)Avril-lovers/ posers- I have so many of those in my school. They come up to me and say, "Like whats up my punk sister??? Do you have the neeeeeew Avril cd? It so punx! Like byeeee!" And give me the punk sign and walk away. Can someone come to my school and beat the crap out of them with me?

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[06 Aug 2004|11:42am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Alrite. Here goes.

1. I hate Sam G. Now, I know none of you know her, but she fuckin stalks my boyfriend, and she is scary. She is always there, knows everything he does, and he doesn't talk to her. She need to die. And rot. Ok. I'm done. I'll rant more later.

2. I hate pLp WhO tYpE lYkE dIs CuZ tHeY aRe LyKe So0o0o0o0 pUnK rAwK!!!11!!!one! God. Shoot me now.

(I Hate You)

Gays! [05 Jul 2004|04:02pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I thought this little sentiment would be perfect for this thingy Kylie, so here it goes:

I'm sorry that Tyler is a fucking loser and talked shit about you and Jonny in my journal. She's a fucking gay and has no life. I Hate her alot right now for trying to make it seem like I'm the bad guy when all I fucking do is say the truth. I'm sorry I'm not a 2-faced liar like everybody else in this world. Ugh, she's just a gay. I hate her!

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Fun!! [04 Jul 2004|05:18am]

[ mood | blank ]

Kylie, this is such a wonderful community. I think it is a fantastic-o idea!

Ok, now to get down to business. >:o)

I Hate:

  1. Brittany H.
  2. Gabby N.
  3. Cory B.
  4. Horse girl
  5. Tyler B.
  6. Sam O.

Yea, that's it I think. :o)

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I hate me because Im cool [04 Jul 2004|04:27pm]

[ mood | bloop bloop bloop! hehe ]

hehe..I dont really know who I hate or am annoyed by this second.So Im going to write about myself because Im a loser.And Kylie loves to see what I write!..

I am annoying myself alot.And I hate me. =)

Tee fucking Hee..thats all I can think of right now..Welp Im going now!Goodbye! =)

<33 Ashloo

(I Hate You)

yeehaw [04 Jul 2004|04:03pm]

[ mood | happy yet sad ]

welp...this here is my new community!

yeehaw...people just need to join. X\


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